What Inspires You?

One of my four  kids has already narrowed down his choices of what his “house” will be for this year’s gingerbread house contest in Clinton-either Town Hall or the Taj Mahal.  (He turns 8 tomorrow and he is the most artistic one under this roof, so ambitious-he can be!) A few days ago, he had a field trip to the Town Hall.  Clearly he was in competition mode while on the field trip as he already decided what candy he has planned on using for the columns if he decides on creating Town Hall.  Now, his desire for the Taj Mahal is a bit different because we haven’t taken a field trip there.   For the past few years he has been inchanted with the amazing architecture of this building, so I guess it was only natural that it would be included on his list of potential candidates for this contest.  The September issue of Smithsonian magazine  has an interesting article on the Taj Mahal.  My son and I were less interested in the words of the article, but rather the pictures and figuring what could and couldn’t work for a gingerbread Taj Mahal!

Have you all been thinking about this as much as my guy has?  Do you look at buildings and houses with a new purpose?  I encourage you to look around you and to look at your passions to find what inspires you-you might just come up with a winner!

I came across a fun you tube video of a contest at a middle school-learn what inspired these kids and their amazing creations.  You will also find more inspiring images on our “Inpire Me” page.



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