Gingerbread Houses, start with a good plan

Creating a gingerbread house is not as hard as it may seem-SERIOUSLY.  Creating a plan, will help you stay focused and organized.  You must first decide what your house/structure will look like.   What will the roof, walls, doors, and any other architectural details look like?  Will you have cut out windows and doors, or create them with confections? Once you have an idea of the design, you can create a template.  Using cardboard to design and cut out each piece you will need to build your house.  Assemble your cardboard structure to see how easily the pieces fit together and if they look size appropriate.  If it all looks good, you are ready for mixing the dough.  If you are not up for creating your own template, there are lots available to you online-from basic to elaborate.  Some plans will be free and some will have a fee.   Check out these sites for their templates:

Several free templates here.

How about their Row Houses-perhaps with a little work they could become Charleston, SC’s famous Rainbow Row:

Their Elf House is perfect for the little ones:

Martha Stewart\’s cute little Swedish House-sweet and simple.

verstile template that is easy.  This pdf also shows the various ways one could choose to decorate a house made with this template. Some more elaborate templates that are available for a fee can be found on this site, which if you have a chance to surf around, has fantastic ideas and tips.


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