Planning a Gingerbread House

I know I just posted about having a plan for your house.  Well, speaking from experience, a plan will prove to be very valuable.  I convinced some fine souls, to come help decorate some advertising houses.




We used left over confections from last year’s party that you see below in the pre 35 kids chaos before photos (yes, folks there are NO EXCUSES  for anyone to not create a simple, humble abode to enter!!!).  Our task with limited supplies proved to be challenging  You see, we were very limited on quantities, colors, texture and the good stuff -these are important.  I think we made do quite well with what was on hand.  Regardless, it goes to show that a plan is needed.  We were totally winging it-trying to come up with windows, window boxes, shutters, landscaping, doors and their knobs-it was complicated!  I recommend creating a decor list for each wall, roof piece and any landscaping.  This way you will keep your vision when you go to buy your edible decorations and when start to apply them to your house.


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