First Official Sponser- Malone’s Coffee House

Have you ever been to Malone’s Coffee House?   Yesterday I got the chance, and I am wondering why it has taken me so long to get there.  It is perfect in so many ways.  If you want a quick treat pop in for a scrumptious scone, gigantic muffin and coffee.  Meeting the girls after the gym? Head there for a, yummy and pretty good for you too, sandwich. Need a quite place to meet a client outside the office?  Their Gathering Room is just the place.  You can even host parties there.   Malone’s is going to enter the gingerbread decorating contest -super yeah!  This is exciting news for me.  I am also excited that they are willing to display an “ad house”, flyer, and provide a little something for an award!  So don’t wait, go check it all out -you will be impressed.  Thank you Sue of Malone’s Coffee House you are making Clinton a great place to live!


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