Need some sweet treats for your house?

Did you know that Clinton is home to the Candy Lover’s Outlet?  Have you been there?   I first went there last spring when I was making an under the sea birthday cake.  Jeese Louise-they had everything I needed to make the cake, and they have everything you need to make a house perfect!  Not to mention, if you are looking for anything from “Hello Cupcake”-you might want them to be your first stop!  I stopped by the other day to see if they would help out with the contest.  Grateful am I, they hopped on board in support- they are offering 10% off to anyone who mentions this post or my FB friend, Clinton Gingerbread’s post.  And, even better, from now until Nov. 26th, if you make a purchase at Candy Lover’s Outlet, you can enter a raffle to win a “Naked” House!!!  I sure do hope you stop in, make a purchase, enter the raffle, win the raffle and enter this year’s gingerbread decorating contest!!!

These picturess are not even half the store-seriously they have a lot!  I am just a crappy picture taker and didn’t get better ones.

Are you looking for specific colors?  They have them.

Do you need posts or pillars?  These work well.

I see wreaths, shrubs, windows…


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