Who needs Staples when we have Technique Printers right in our backyard?

I have learned a lot about Clinton the past few days.  I am slightly ashamed at admitting this but, I never really knew all the great businesses that are offered right here in Clinton.  I always give the default -I am not really from around here.  That line is tough to sell because just a few days ago, marked our 11th year here, both in Clinton and CT.  I need to drop the: “I am not from around here,” and work a little more at keeping it local; after all, this is what my children will call home!

I knew Technique Printers was going to be doing the printing of the flyers that Karen Gardner made for Christmas In Clinton and since I needed some printing for my friend, Clinton Gingerbread (have you had a chance to become Clinton’s friend on FB?), I decided to make that my first stop and not that Red Button store out in Old Saybrook.  They all are super nice and beyond helpful at Technique Printers.  This is my first time doing  anything like this and they held my hand through every decision-something that is almost impossible for me to do.  I picked up my printing yesterday-the came through with shining colors-everything was just as I wanted.  Today, I salute you, Technique Printers!

I hope any of you who need printing of any kind stop there first!



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