Biscotti gingerbread coming our way!!!

I recently learned about a fast rising new comer to the Clinton business scene,  Two Cousins Biscotti.  I visited their new facility to promote the contest-you should have smelled the place-heavenly!!!  Their biscotti is made from an original family Italian recipe, using only natural ingredients and no preservatives.  Everything done with care-while I was there, lemon peel was being carefully cut and prepped by hand.  What is really great-despite being crazy and I mean CRAZY busy, they are going to make a gingerbread biscotti “house” for the contest!!!!  Some other cool things that they are doing-they have the brilliant idea of making your gift giving a bit easier this year-they have gift boxes and bags of their biscotti all package up for the holidays ready for you to hand out to teachers, bus drivers, mail persons, anyone-they are a super cute, easy and yummy gift.  This is one sure way to keep things local this season!  And the last jaw dropper from them, they have been selected to do a promotional demo at Williams Sonoma- I told you fast rising!!  Give them a like on FB and be sure to check out their website.


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