National Gingerbread Contest

Clinton Gingerbread decided to make a Thanksgiving trip to the Carolinas.  Grove Park Inn, home of the National Gingerbread Contest, in Asheville, NC was top on the destination list.  Of course we were “wowed”, unfortunately pictures do not do some of these amazing creations justice!

From the adult non top 10:

The Tepee-a true case of the photo does no justice-quite a stunning piece.  A humble home, that looks difficult, but really is quite simple-hmm, can we recreate this?    Another Front Porch house and Snoopy’s dog house.   The kids enjoyed the “Nickelodeon House” , while well done, I am not a fan of the fondant,more of a cake  houses. The “Three Pigs Houses” were cute & simple.   The “Carolina House” was one of my top ten-can’t really say why, but just was nicely done-not over the top, but well done.

From the Adult “sub standards” we ventured to the teen winners.   I don’t even know what to say, quite amazing, pictures are not good enough, but I hope you can get an idea of the creativity and quality of these young gingerbread talents!!

Onto the child entries.  Keep in mind, the child ages are from age 5 to 8.  I am not sure I can do any of the top 3, actually, I am certain I can’t!

I’ll be posting more, so stay tuned!


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