As a reminder, if you are entering the contest please bring your completed, ready for judging house to the Fellowship Hall (east side of church)at the Congregational Church (across from Clinton Town Hall) on SUNDAY, December 4th between 12-2:30pm.  You will fill out a short entry form when you get there.  There are no entry fees.  You will have a choice to either donate your house for a silent auction or you must return at 6pm to take your house home.  You may want some cash on you as we will be selling tickets to those wishing to vote for Best of Show.  The public will be allowed to view the houses and also purchase tickets to vote for Best of Show.  All the money raised from the voting tickets and the silent auction will be donated to the Families Helping Families Oil Fund.


Entry Submition:  SUNDAY, Dec. 4th, 12-2:30pm  First Congregational Church


Public Viewing : 3pm-6pm




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