Christmas In Clinton 2013

The 18th annual Christmas In Clinton  celebration is going to biggest one yet.  There are three new activities planned to ensure participation from the young all the way to the young at heart!


Whoville Gingerbread House

Last year there were lots of folks exclaiming, “Game On for next year!”  Well, here we are-next year, so have you still got your game face on?  A few days ago, I heard a particular family was going to do their own version of “Whoville”.  Lucky for them, I found a gingerbread Whoville on Sweetopia’s site, it is too cute!



Halloween Gingerbread House

Whoever said gingerbread houses have to be just for Christmas? Surprise your kids and yourself, make a Halloween House. Creating a Halloween House will give you a chance to practice your skills for contest day- December 2nd! You make it small, medium or large. Simple or elaborate, just make sure you have fun!  Here are a few teasers, Pinterest is a great place to get more ideas!

This little house is from Rosy could be done with graham crackers.

Check out Oh Sugar Events Blog for her up close pictures that show just how this Spooky House was created.

This whimsical Halloween House from The Solvang Bakery.  I Like the purple roof!

Gingerbread on my mind…

Just because summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!  It is never too early to start planning for this year’s edition of the Clinton Gingerbread House Decorating Contest.  Did you know, you can actually make your pieces now and store them in an airtight container or freezer?  So, make tonight’s dinner table conversation about gingerbread houses-what will it be this year?  The Olympic Stadium, an athletic field, Vece Gazebo, or maybe a dream beach cottage?  Okay, maybe summer is still on my mind, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your December plans in order.  Just think, the earlier you plan, the more fun and less stress you will have!


Check out this beach house over at Gingerbread House Heaven, where you can purchase the template for it.




Best of Show and Adult First Place Kristen Snow and her Gingerbread Lighthouse

As with the Gardner’s I was able to pop in to snap a few pictures of Kristen and her Gingerbread Lighthouse.  As far as she can recall, it took her around 16 hours to create this masterpiece.   I asked her if it was modeled after Lego Lighthouse Island.  Interestingly, even with 3 young boys, she has not seen this recent release by Lego.  Rather, she was inspired by a Coastal Living article.  I don’t much care from where the inspiration came, her work was fabulous.  Thanks Kristen for entering and all your hard work.  We will all be looking forward to next year to see what eye candy, you create!

I know, I know we need pictures…

We will get all the pictures soon, but for now


1st place in the Family Category and Best of Show runner up- Hagrid’s Hut submitted by the Gardner Family- Mike, Karen, Allison, Matthew, Eve and Kate.  I heard learning the pinch pots from Joel School Art Class came in handy for Eve as she made the pots and the owl-did you see that owl-pretty good for 1st grade!  Pumpkins and Hagrid by Allison and Matthew-well done.  A true family affair-can’t wait to see what this family has up their sleeve for next year!!!


Wow over 50 entries-thank you everyone!!

The award winners for the first ever Christmas In Clinton Clinton Gingerbread Decorating Contest.  I get photos up as soon as I can-because there were some fantastic entries!!


Award Winners

Best of Show:

Kristen Snow-Giant Lighthouse with 99 votes

Best of Show Runner-Up:

Gardner Family-Hagrid’s Hut with 90 votes

Pre K

1st Place:  Ashlee Brown

2nd Place: Camryn Mazzarella

K-3rd grades

1st: Aiden Pawelek

2nd: Shane Brown

3rd: Kristina Seeger

4th-5th grades

1st:  Jenna Scanlon

2nd:  JP Nye

6th-8th grades

1st: Carlie Scanlon

2nd: Madison Seeger

3rd: Georgia Nye

There were no HS entries.


1st: Kristen Snow

2nd: Tina Gagliardi

3rd: Laura Brown


1st Gardner Family

2nd Church Family

3rd Esposito Family


1st H. Pearce

2nd Le Creuset

3rd The Pretty Committee


Most Delicious Looking:  Amendola Family

Most Christmas Spirit: Kitty Short and Grace Roman

Most Traditional Gingerbread:  Tina Gagliardi


Are you in a last minute panic, about using a kit?

While the rules state kits and graham crackers are allowed for the Pre-K and K-3rd grade categories, anyone may use a kit.  For those who use kits outside those categories you will have points taken off from your total judging score.  See if a kit is what you have-so be it, decorate it, and still enter!!

Please don’t worry, have fun and we will happily take all criticism about the overall event so that we can improve for next year!